The 2022 SKSC Cup will consist of 4 events from April 2022 - July 2022 all held at Daytona Milton Keynes.
Saturday 2 April - Round 1
Saturday 30 April - Round 2
Saturday 25 June - Round 3
Saturday 9 July - Round 4
All the events will be part science (STEM) tests / projects (the science of racing) and part racing. 
Races will be in Daytona's 4-stroke NT-35 karts with a top speed of 50 mph.

Please find regs for the cup here.

Schools which did well in the pre-season test events include Sponne, Walton High, Chipping Norton, Tring, Kingham Hill School and Burford School.

For more details please email schoolsksc@gmail.com